Our public schools are paving concrete over our racially minority children.

It’s a natural disturbance for a flower to bloom through the hardship of the paved cement. This flower only knew the pressure and darkness under the cement but raised above the odds by blooming towards the sunlight, that breached through a small cracked pavement.

Most don’t bloom…

Even given a crack of sunlight, The harsh pavement suppressed the flower from its nutrients for too long. But not all flowers live under the harsh conditions that suppress there nutrients to flourish.

If give the proper attention and nutrients more flowers are able to bloom. These flowers are able to flourish and live in better conditions because they were given the attention and proper nutrients.

We all know how flowers grow. We know, only very few survive and bloom under harsh conditions of paved cement, even if the cement is slightly cracked it doesn’t outweigh the abundance of pressure and darkness given by the pave cement. We knew that more flowers flourish, if given proper attention and nutrients.

But did we know the same goes for our children. Currently our public schools are not giving our minority children the proper attention they need to flourish into a successful life. The paved concrete represents the harsh punishment and neglect they face in our public school systems. Non Minority are given the attention and care needed to sucessed in life.

ALL our children deserve to right conditions flourish. Minorities shouldn’t have to live under the harsh pavement and shouldn’t have to fight against harsh concrete to have a successful life. We deserve a life without these conditions.

We shouldn’t have to fight so hard to earn a equal education. This doesn’t have to be our life.

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