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By Jessy Muipatayi

Bullies will never succeed in life because all the evil they do will one day catch up to them. Bullies attempt to attack willingly at the expense of their victims. They portray to be strong and powerful but inside they are weak and frail. They pretend to depict a strong image but in reality they are hypocrites. And a hypocrite can only pretend for a certain period of time, later to be exposed as a fraud. For these reasons, bullies will never succeed in anything as long as they keep their bully-ish tendencies. Above all, bullies are turds.

The reasons why bullies will never win nor succeed!!!!

  • They are real sissies because they mess with people weaker in comparison and don’t have guts to face a real person
  • They underestimate people with bad judgement
  • At times they act like an angry turd ready to explode at any moment with a ferocious smell that even the best air freshener can’t quench
  • They think they are cool externally but are inwardly as frail as a mosquito
  • Bullies will always be on the wrong side of society and history
  • They will perpetually be losers forever and ever
  • Those dweebs can never find happiness in life nor will happiness find them
  • They are 1st class losers that are meant to be lonely until they finally undergo a self-examination surgery
  • A kick in their gluteus maximus is an ideal remedy to their dilemma
  • Justice will always triumph for the victim regardless of his state (e.g., dead or alive)
  • At the end bullies will remain turds if they don’t change
Picture by Wiffsmiff23

A lonely Bully the turd

If you know someone that acts like a bully, please remind them that they will look like the lonely turd (depicted in the image above) in this world. And we know all too well the dead end for a turd, a traveling ticket to the eternal bathroom with all the waste product that never comes back to the surface again. If bullies want to be successful in life, they will need to stop bringing their madness and the world will kindly accept them. Our world doesn’t accept bullies and bullies don’t belong to this world. At the end bullies will resemble Bully the Turd and be thrown in the toilet:

Bully the Turd!!!

Bully the Turd!!!