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By Alexandra Elkins

Source: Babyelkz (http://babyelkz.tumblr.com/post/93140678075)“America, the land of the free.” But are you really free if you are not legally allowed to adopt children as a same-sex couple? If you live in Florida, Michigan, Mississippi, Utah, or North Carolina hopefully you don’t want kids. Yeah, in those five states same-sex couples are prohibited by law from adopting children together. Of course, the topic of gay marriage is always floating around in every media outlet, but here are some other gross fun fact anti-gay laws that still exist today:

Alabama – along with 8 other states, has “no promo homo” laws, which means school districts are prohibited from discussing and teaching about gay and transgender issues on any level, including sexual health and HIV/AIDS awareness. In Alabama, homosexual conduct is a criminal offense under the laws of the state.

Arizona – “No promo homo” state #2, no education should include the promotion of homosexual lifestyle, any portrayals of homosexuality as a positive alternative life-style, or any suggestions that methods of sex are safe methods of gay sex.

Texas – “No promo homo” state #3, even though sodomy laws were outlawed by the Supreme Court over a decade ago, they are still a part of this state’s sex education policy. There is an emphasis on sexual abstinence before marriage and fidelity in marriage as the expected standard in terms of public health and these are the most effective ways to prevent HIV infection, STDs, and unwanted pregnancies. The laws also state that homosexual conduct is not an acceptable lifestyle and is a criminal offense under Section 21.06, Penal Code.

Missouri and South Dakota – forbid school districts from prohibiting bullying based on sexual orientation; these are the only two states that proscribe schools from creating their own bans on anti-gay bullying. Isn’t that lovely, LGBTQ youth can be bullied aka harassed and it’s totally tolerated.

Michigan – In this state an individual can be sent to prison…that’s right PRISON, for 5 years for attempting to seduce someone of the same sex. In Section 338 of the Michigan Penal Code it states that: “any male person who, in public or provide, commits or is a party to the commission of or procures or attempts to procure the commission by any male person of any act of gross indecency” can be sent to PRISON.

Indiana – religious freedom laws give business owners a stronger legal defense if they refuse to serve LGBTQ customers and want to us their faith as justification for their actions.

*Other states with “No Promo Homo” laws are Oklahoma, Utah, Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina.

*The FDA prohibits MSM (men who have sex with men, aka gay men) from donating blood or tissue. What I don’t get about this is that even if they are HIV negative and completely clean of STDs…still can’t donate.

People believe that America is this freedom land where you can be whoever you want and do whatever you want. In reality America is the exact opposite. Being gay in the United States means being denied freedom. It is so gross to me that society views being gay as a “lifestyle” which is insulting. People don’t refer to heterosexual relationships as a “lifestyle.” Being vegan, being a nudist or living off the grid, those are lifestyles.

In reality, in this country and especially in the South, it’s still not okay to be gay because if it was then these oppressive laws would not exist. Why does it all even matter though? We are all on this earth doing the same thing (or at least trying to): breath, eat, work, sex, eat, sleep, repeat. We are all the same. We are all earthlings.