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By Jessen McAleer

(Because well, you’re too old and no longer innocent, submissive, OR a virgin…)

Source: Saboteur365 (saboteur365.wordpress.com)

STEP 1: Find a famous, single, hot, young billionaire. Oh, and did I mention his “playroom”?

STEP 2: Have your little Princess display innocent wonder upon seeing Grey Wannabe’s “playroom.”

Princess, “What deep, dark toys you have.”

Grey Wannabe, “The better to please me with!”

STEP 3: Your Princess simply flatters his ego, while bowing, stooping, and cowering to his every demand, desire, belt, whip, threat, or other bloodletting ritual.

STEP 4: She accepts his proposal, knowing that if she just submits ENOUGH, she can heal the abused little boy inside.

Oh yeah, happens all the time. Unless you are that 1 out of 3 women who are sexually abused or threatened due to Intimate Partner Violence.

STEP 5: They live “happily ever after,” like a fairytale!

More realistically and statistically, life is: ER visits, lying to hospital staff about injuries, and finally either restraining orders or a nice burial.

The only way this story ends “happily ever after” like a fairytale is if lots of fairies tell LOTS of tales…