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By Kaitlyn Massie

Are you unemployed? Are you in desperate need of a job to provide for your family? Then look no further! There are thousands of job opportunities in the Sweatshop field. Here are five tips to getting hired at a sweatshop.

1. Look the part. Employers at these sweatshops prey on… I mean… look for a particular kind of person to help build their businesses. Generally they hire those that are under the age of 15, look impoverished, and are desperate to provide for their family. Source: http://pixshark.com/child-labor-today-sweatshops.htmIn developing countries, an estimated 250 million children ages 5 to 14 are forced to work in sweatshops.

2. Be a diligent worker. Most employees at sweatshops work 70 hours a week. Sometimes, 18-hour days with one lunch break. You need to be able to match this or more, or you will be looked over.

It takes an apparel worker in a sweatshop an average of working 70 hours per week to exceed the average income for their country.

3. Don’t be picky with your hourly wage. Yes, you may have made a decent wage at your old job, but now you will do anything to put food on the table for your family. You must be willing to accept a little pay cut. If you’re lucky, $2.50 per hour.Source: http://fashion.lilithezine.com/Nike-Sweatshops-in-China.htmlIn China, more than 482 million people live on less than $2 a day.

4. Be female if possible. Let’s face it, employers see women as vulnerable, easy labor. If you already have this going for you, you’re ahead of the game. Just as long as you are okay with being forced to take birth control and routine pregnancy tests to avoid having babies. Employers feel that they will just get in the way of all your hard work you provide to their company.

Women make up 85 to 90% of sweatshop workers.

5. Love your job. Once you get the job. it will be your life. Day in and day out will be consumed with sewing jerseys or lacing athletic shoes. You will be criticized, given maybe one break a day, and work your fingers to the bone. So you better enjoy it.Source: http://www.saybrookproductions.com/photography/labor.php