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By Millicent Macena

Being a single woman that travels alone can suck! Traveling along can be done with no problems, but not without taking several precautions to ensure my inevitable death doesn’t come sooner rather than later. Source: ShutterstockThe treatment of women varies from each state. It varies from each country. Each decision I make throughout the travel process is accompanied by my interior monologue filled with doubt and skepticism.

“Can I walk alone at night in (insert foreign place here)?” “If I wear this, what kind of attention will I get?” “What’s the crime rate against women?” “How are women generally treated in this area?”

My brain goes into overload trying to process all of my concerns. Unfortunately, the concept of “DON’T RAPE” hasn’t resonated with some people throughout the world. And as a woman that travels alone in unfamiliar territories, I have to employ “LET’S NOT GET RAPED” behavior. That involves the clothes I wear, the things I say, the things I eat and drink, and the activities I choose to do.

I don’t believe these factors contribute to a person getting raped. I believe these factors are excuses used by those who attempt to justify rape. Regrettably, these are still factors I have to consider to ensure my safety.

But, I don’t let my deep-seated fear of being harmed when I’m alone deter me from traveling. There’s so much to see and so much to do, and I won’t allow a misogynistic person with a power complex to affect my entire trip. As long as I employ common sense and listen to my gut, I will be just fine during my travels.