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By Erica Barton

This morning I ran across an article about breastfeeding in public. As I started reading the article I was astonished that there are so many people against breastfeeding. I personally believe that breastfeeding is a natural thing and should not be negatively looked at. UNT breastfeeding adAs a mother of 3 myself, I took pride in breastfeeding my children while they were babies. I would feed my children anywhere: malls, stores, even at school. I would cover up with a blanket and try to be as normal as I could but many times that was not the case.  There were several times people would look at me with strange faces or saying things like “go to the bathroom,” or “can’t you just give her a bottle?”.  This made me feel horrible.  Here I was trying to care for my child and strangers were being rude.

As a mother myself, I would like to give props to all the women who breastfeed. Not only is it a natural thing but it is a beautiful thing as well.  We as women need to stand up for our right to feed our children wherever we would like to do so. I would like to also address all the strangers: next time you are hungry, why don’t you take a seat in a bathroom and have lunch? I am almost positive that you will not like it, so please do not force any woman to feed her child in the bathroom. Please be respectful of our decision and keep on moving without causing a scene.