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by Daniella Solis

petitionerWe’ve all seen them. The outrageous protesters with their memorable tactics, the well thought-out posters and the emotionally invested people behind it all. We all have something we feel strongly about. Can you think of a few things that you care deeply for? Sure you can.

You could want a designer to stop killing animals for the sake of fashion, a certain politician to take office or leave  office.  We all have topics that evoke strong enough feelings to want to take action, but most of us don’t know how to effectively take action.

We now live in a world in which we can do this virally and can have a wider reach-if we petition intelligently. While there is no guarantee that your petitioning efforts will be a success and there is no universal magic formula to follow, there are a few tips that can move you in the right direction.

  1. Research:  Know your facts on the issue, especially if you’re trying to sell it to people. Provide your audience with links, statistics, images and videos. Anything that will support your stance.
  2. Know your audience:  Make sure you can be specific concerning what audience you will be targeting, both in who or what you will be petitioning against(or for) and whose support you’re trying to gather.  Tell them why they should take interest and even provide a way for your audience to contact the person or entity that caused you to petition in the first place.
  3. Be Concise: With all the information vying for people’s attention on the web, it’s crucial to write clearly and with brevity. Don’t lose their attention and keep it simple .
  4. Title: Keep it short and enticing. Reel them in!
  5. Spelling and Grammar: Make sure you have someone proofread. You don’t want your document to become illegitimate. Being careless can ruin your petition.
  6. Mind your manners: Be nice when getting your point across. Being rude or disrespectful will not make your petition any more potent.
  7. Stay informed: Provide an up-to-date email and respond promptly.
  8. Advertise:  Provide links to  your petition on any website  available to you. Get the word out!

To actually start the petition visit any of these websites:

You don’t need to be rich or have a particular occupation to do this. It’s easy to be intimidated but it’s more than possible to attain success. Who knows what you could be capable of doing? You might be why a politician makes it to office or why a designer’s item gets pulled off the shelves. Whatever the mission may be … happy petitioning!