by Vincent Miceli

Gay-MarriageThough there have been great strides in the fight for homosexuals’ right to marry, we still have a long way to go to attain federal legislation in the United States.  Opponents of gay marriage fear that if it is legalized, the institution of marriage will no longer be seen as relevant to society. Already, people’s attitudes toward marriage are changing, broadening, all across the nation. Progress comes, it always does. But it also creeps along at a snail’s pace, pushing against the inertia of a long history of bigotry.  It’s always been like this, but does it have to? Can we not take the reins of progress and steer more quickly to our ultimate destination? If numbers in support of gay marriage are so high across the country, why haven’t we seen the momentum of such a monolithic force in practice like we saw in the 1960s? More unity among our citizens can only serve to strengthen our unity as a society.

In such divisive times, it’s rare to see an issue reach a tipping point of support in one direction the way this issue has, particularly across every demographic. This growth is unprecedented, and should be capitalized upon. So what is the argument for the other side, those who oppose? Do their arguments have merit? Surely there are reasons why marriage and union have been denied to over 60 million people in our country. Well, more than half of the opponents of gay marriage say that it is against the Bible and that homosexuals’ “detestable acts” are an affront to God.  They quote Leviticus 20:13 — “They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own hands.”  Yes, these rituals so many of us cling to have some pretty black and white literature on the matter.  And while many religious moderates seek to downplay these messages as outdated sections of their books, the fact is that these words are printed in every Bible a believer clings to. This issue runs deep, its origins tangled up with the gnarled roots of religion in America. But should we leave such an essential human right in the decrepit hands of the Bible’s laws? As church attendance diminishes and support for gay marriage continues to increase, it appears the oldest opponent to equal rights is finally starting to crumble.

This is why it’s time we made ourselves heard and allow this country to make that last push. Yes, equal rights are inevitable, but why wait for the natural flow when freedoms are denied to our neighbors today? We can push this issue to the edge of national consciousness, and make an acute and disruptive push for equality for everyone, ahead of the curve. Because if not everyone in this country is free to be happy, no one really is.